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“I was told by a friend to attend one of AAPES first timers sessions while I spent 2 months in Sydney. THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! Everyone there is so helpful and fun! I’m not one for working out. But at AAPES you have so much fun that you only realise how much you have done when you get home. I would(and do) recommend it to everyone I speak to. You guys are great! ”


“Parkour has been incredibly transformative for my sons, 7 and 9. The physical benefits are obvious, both boys are noticeably fitter and stronger. But they also appear much calmer, and incredibly more confident and decisive than they were before. Parkour has influenced everything from their footy playing to their behaviour around the house, for which I am eternally grateful to JP and Monique.”


“Thanks JP & all at AAPES for giving Reuben such a great time.He is so ‘inspired’ that there’s shoe marks on the walls at our home now,squeaky beds & dented car roofsHe is seriously anxiously waiting to get back to Sydney…just to be with you guys.Kudos


“I Love parkour JP taught me how to get stronger, faster, fitter, and braver. I used to be afraid of heights but now I’m not” and “I love parkour because it give me confidence to take on the world… I feel like spider-man. JP is awesome!!!!”

Harry and Tom aged 7 and 9

“they all absolutely enjoyed the experience and can’t wait for the next opportunity to do it again. My partner dropped them off and had a chat to the organisers and was also immensely impressed with the whole set-up.”


“From the moment I stepped in I felt very welcome. As soon as the warm up was over they throw us in the deep end with speed vaults letting us get a feel for our own bodies! All through the class with all the different movements and progressions the staff were highly encouraging and I’d encourage anyone to give it a try! J.P and his staff at Tempe are the best.”


“These are exactly the kinds of experiences I was hoping for with [My son]; that despite being a beginner he would be welcomed and encouraged unlike in some of his past sports experiences. It’s a real testament to your sport and group to have quality people like that involved!”


“My son, 7, loves AAPES so much he begs me to take him there daily. A great, safe space for him to improve his agility and strength whilst expending loads of energy! He is pooped after every open session.”


“…I was very impressed with his (COACH JP) professionalism and attentiveness after approaching him to teach me some self defence for my upcoming solo trip to South East Asia. Keeping a level of professionalism and friendliness is a mark of this fantastic teacher. He was attentive to my strengths and weaknesses, personalising strategies for my body type and abilities, and was a wonderful instructor. He works very well with females, while showing how scary defence can be, without making me uncomfortable at any time. I highly recommend JP as an instructor, as he is engaging, entertaining and his experience shows. Thank you so much JP!”


“Over the years I have participated in a number of self-defence and martial arts courses, including Muay Thai and Taekwondo. AAPES is the only one that has addressed both the physical and emotional aspects of encounters. JP and his instructors are incredibly knowledgeable but never lose touch of the real-life application of their skills. Everything you learn incorporates your body’s automatic response to threats, making this the most realistic and practical form of survival training. This class will push you far beyond the limits you thought you had in a safe and friendly environment, where new students are welcomed into the AAPES family with open arms… literally. Hugging is mandatory.”


“The Parkour workshop was great fun! I didn’t realise just how much I could do… I will definitely try some more classes. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at work.”


“AAPES ran a fabulous session for the Peachy Mean fitness group – we had a wide range of fitness, experience and skills, and they were able to cater for all of those very effectively. Fantastic fun and we all left hoping to run into a mugger in the alleyway on the way home to practice our new skills.”


“AAPES is an amazing workout that just feels like hanging out with mates. You’ll feel your fitness improve after every session, learn lots of cool things and make great mates!”


“After 2 and a half years of training in Kung Fu, This was hands down the most effective training in self defence i’ve EVER experienced. AAPES, you guys are f****n awesome I loved every minute and can’t wait till next week. If you wanna learn real self defence, you gotta see these guys… I’m. Sore. As. F***…”


“In the time I’ve been a student at AAPES I have undergone personal growth and transformation that not only has bettered me physically, but built me mentally and emotionally. As one of many young women who has found herself in a compromising or scary situation, learning Self Defence has improved my confidence in my day-to-day life as well as within.Training in Self Defence, Parkour, techniques used in martial arts and general fitness, is helping me to challenge myself during every class and have fun without ever feeling uncomfortable. All of the instructors are extremely dedicated with extensive knowledge in what they do and a passion that is passed through their teachings. I was made to feel warmly welcomed and part of such a friendly community from the beginning of my first class, as no question is a poor one and there is no move I can’t be assisted in learning how to execute safely and with conviction. The coaches are patient when needed and have a way of explaining things in such a clear manner, even the difficult exercises are easy to understand. They are encouraging and make an effort to build a repoire with each and every student. Not only am I being taught by fantastic trainers who help push me safely to my personal limits and help me to reach my fitness goals, but I’m also building foundations for friendships. I definitely recommend AAPES to anyone who wants be motivated to get fit and excel themselves mentally, emotionally and have fun while doing it!”


“Some of the things I like about JP’s teaching style is that I know personally that he does not teach ANYTHING until he has taken ample time in learning and understanding it himself, and has a gift of being able to explain things in a clear and concise way. But also knowing that the understanding is also something that has a growth process. He manages to tread the very fine line between making the learning experience enjoyable and encouraging, and also making it punishingly clear that you are being pushed to your limits. That is something that I dig. JP is a young man, but has proven himself in my eyes and I would travel any distance to train with him. I can’t endorse this man enough. It’s been a pleasure to shed blood, sweat and tears with him and I look forward to many, many more years of growth and pushing the limits.”

L. Victoire

“Corporate workshops from AAPES are the best! Not only team-building, informative and practical, but also so much fun. The strategies outlined for leaving the office in safety and dealing with potentially risky situations were excellent – the best I have ever come across. I would recommend AAPES to anyone.”


“Rafael is a very patient and encouraging instructor who will not hesitate work with you every step, quadrupedal and jump of the way. When instructing, Raf has a very strong standing on safety ensuring that your physical and mental limits are pushed whilst remaining in a safe environment. Raf is always happy to share his passion for Parkour and is a dedicated teacher to those he instructs.”


“During the time in which JP Gauntlett assisted me in the teaching of martial arts I found him to be an exemplary teacher, not only showing invested knowledge of martial arts and self-defence, but a real passion; passing along such enthusiasm and encouraging myself and other students to increase their knowledge and drive for excellence in martial arts.It was not only favourable that JP is incredibly skilled in the area of martial arts, but is also a very informative and professional teacher, while managing to, by the use of good people skills and confidence, creates a personal bond with students to further advance their confidence not only in martial arts but in everyday life, feeling welcomed as if into a family, assisting the gaining of not only a great teacher but a friend.”


“I used to lack motivation to exercise and quite often got bored of the same old routines in the gym. Since working with AAPES not only have I found the motivation to become more fit I also feel more confident. AAPES was able to introduce exercises that were catered to my needs and was also both fun and challenging. The Instructors’ extensive knowledge in training methods have given me back the confidence and my motivation to work towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle. AAPES was able to strengthen me both mentally and physically. I would recommend them to anyone who wants achieve their fitness goals.”