Meet the Team

Team Member JP GauntlettCoach JP Gauntlett

Co owner and manager at AAPES, JP teaches both Parkour and Self Defence classes. AAPES self defence is built entirely around Tony Blauers S.P.E.A.R System, the most effective self defence around. JPs past accomplishments include managing a small martial arts studio, and, in three years was instrumental in making it one of the largest kung fu studios in Australia. JP’s four favourite things are teaching, training, talking about the Movies The Raid and The Raid 2 and watching the movies The Raid and The Raid 2

Team Member Monique McDonaldCoach Monique McDonald

Co owner and manager of AAPES, Monique has been working and training within Australia’s Parkour scene for a number of years and has proven an important figure in Parkour in Australia. Monique is one of Australia’s most recognised female traceurs, and is an instrumental part of the Australian Womens Parkour group. You can often find her at AAPES beating up all the instructors, or at home with her many cats.

Coach Jacob Trad

18 year old Jacob Trad aka the spaniard is know for his buttery smooth parkour lines and flawless side flip technique. He has been born and bred inside the Aapes facilities, only training for around 1 and a half years he is already at an exceptional level of parkour and free running. Jacob is super friendly always greeting others with much charm and charisma making all new comers to aapes feel extremely welcome. When Jacob is not training (which is hardly ever) he is usually enjoying a lovely snack pack or kebab whilst hunting for Pokemon in his Honda Civic.

heesoo instructorCoach Heesoo Chung

Hessoo is a one of a kind instructor at AAPES. Now an AAPES sponsored athlete, you can catch him all over our social media (lucky you). Often mistaken for a model, he spends most of his time either modestly correcting people, or performing feats of glorious magic on the AAPES floor. Guys and Gals alike, beware, swooning will occur when this instructor takes to the floor, with creative class styles and delicious flow. Heesoo runs our Tuesday night classes, the ultimate summation of beauty and style.  We can’t decide if he’s handsomely broody or just quiet, we keep getting lost in his eyes trying to figure it out. For media enquiries and high end fashion shoots, email AAPES!

Coach Zach Atkins

Zac is our youngest instructor on the team and one of the most talented Traceurs for his age only being 15, known by his fellow instructors as the baby of AAPES. Zac is sometimes found In his room studying to be a doctor. But when his not “studying”, he’s out and about doing some of the biggest and bravest jumps. Constantly pushing himself, his limits, and others to better themselves, Zac is one of many who is super energetic and is always down to help people out. Zac is one little instructor to learn from, train with and keep any eye on as he just begins his journey of becoming one of Sydney’s, and AAPES’s, best Traceur.

Coach Danelle Kelliher

16 year old Danelle is a motivated and friendly instructor who is always willing to help. Coming to AAPES for the first time in November, 2014, her approachable nature and ability to work with children was shortly recognised and it earnt her place as an instructor at AAPES shortly after. Since then, her instructing has only improved and she spends most of her spare time working on her Parkour skills, playing with fire or adventuring off somewhere. She also has a habit of force feeding people brownies, both students and pro freerunners alike.

 Coach Filip (Filly) Stempien

Filly has been training for almost five years. He started out by cat passing picnic tables and backflipping into the sand pit at high school. He studies Journalism and International Studies at UTS. Filly also made the Sydney Parkour Community map and has been teaching Parkour now for six months. His classes focus on speed, flow and repetition.

Ari WrightCoach Alistair (Ari) Wright

Alistair Wright (Ari) is a powerful mover that has been training parkour with dedication since the start of 2014. He excels at strong jumps and vaults, as well as dabbling in flips throughout his training. Ari started off with Pyrmont parkour classes and since then has quickly progressed to a junior instructor as well
as a competent athlete that will perform a dab after a victorious feat. He is passionate about what he does and constantly tries to help his peers and students enjoy parkour and grow a love for the movement.

Ari WrightCoach Will Craigen

Coach Will has been training and working with the AAPES team at Tempe since it opened in 2014 and has progressed to teach, refine and correct students of all skill levels to help the develop in their parkour environment. Will is committed to AAPES, happy, enthusiastic and is actively spreading the word in Wollongong, his hometown, to encourage more teens to experience parkour. He is friendly and willing to have a chat and a good laugh with anyone, anytime.

 Coach Liam O’Brien

Liam first began his training in 2013, fell in love with the movement and worked hard to improve. With a well known love for dive rolls and lazy vaults in particular, Liam often has a focus mostly on shorter runs and single movements with a more challenge based mentality of training for technique creating power, the least amount of run-up the better. An incredibly amateur dancer and singer, you won’t need to worry about being the most ridiculous looking person at AAPES when Liam starts feeling the music in between training, teaching, and talking.

Coach Roy Graham

Roy Graham is on the young side at AAPES being 18 years of age. He has been training for 3 years and is at an adept level of parkour and freerunning. Also being one of the most diverse AAPES athletes, able to comfortably do any move he thinks of, or others prescribe, or challenge him to. Roy is mostly found training, pushing himself and sharing his knowledge with others. When he is not training he is found with fellow instructor Jacob feasting on a Snack Pack.

Coach Sonny Bui

Sonny is both our newest and oldest AAPES instructor in martial arts. After discovering a love of parkour and AAPES about a year ago, you will see Sonny occasionally hobbling around at AAPES 2, as he works through bad knees that are unaccustomed to all this parkour jumping. You may also see him suited up in his IT Manager get up, listening to one of his 14 Queen albums or drawing up mind maps on pretty much anything – but don’t let these innocuous-looking images fool you…

Having reached instructor level in Taekwondo by age 12, Sonny has been a practising martial artist for over 34 years, of which 21 was spent training at the world-class, Gary Martin Kung-Fu Centre. Whilst there, Sonny earned his red belt at a time when there were under 200 in the world. Sonny is not only deadly proficient in Hsing-I, Pa Qua, Tai-Chi and numerous kung-Fu weaponry, but he also makes wicked triple fudge chocolate brownies (remember those brownies that were sold at the 2016 Jump Off?? – yup. Baked by Sonny).