Self Defence

Adults Self Defence

AAPES teaches Tony Blauers internationally acclaimed SPEAR System of self defence. SPEAR is not based on martial arts, but on utilising natural and instinctive reactions to violence and danger as well as the psychology of both good and bad guys when it comes to violence.

The ability to perform self defence lies inside your head, not by learning how to be Bruce Lee.

“More people have successfully defended themselves through sheer indignation and will power then ever have through traditional self defence techniques.”

Tony Blauer

Students will work through the “three D’s” of Detect, Defuse and Defend to develop the best awareness skills and early warning systems, the best negotiation tactics and the best physical self defence training covering every possible scenario they are ever likely to face.

SPEAR is not based on a traditional ‘sports model’ where balance, distance and tools are agreed upon. It is based on a ‘street model’ that takes into account fear, reflexive flinches and emotions as mitigating influences during high stress confrontations. It incorporates psychological, emotional and bio-mechanical truths to form a synergistic, realistic, protective system.

What makes it a great concept to start with is that it is natural. We want you better after your first class, not after 30 years of training.

Walk safe, feel safe, be safe. Take your future into your owns hands — you won’t regret it and you’ll have heaps of fun!

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Kids Self Defence

Kids classes are designed for all those under 16 years of age.

These classes are about anti-bullying, about keeping fit and about making sure kids always know how to keep themselves safe. We teach the rules when it comes to defending themselves against an adult and different methods of dealing with bullies and violence coming from their peers.

Kids need to have fun, and AAPES believes that it shouldn’t take years of training for your kids to be able to defend themselves, they should get competent fast!

Every Kids Self Defence class contains:


Warm ups are structured to keep kids active, teach them about healthy choices and lifestyles and give them strong bodies to grow into adulthood with the best start.

Self Defence

Kids will work through scenario training, technique drills and bag and partner drills to give them the physical and emotional skill set to survive any violent encounter in-tact and to make sure they spend their lives walking around happy, not scared.


A very different concept to self defence, kids will build on their verbal skills, their ability to make good friends and learn about how school rules work to keep them safe. Kids learn to deal with verbal, physical and cyber-bullying. One in every four children in Australian schools suffers from bullying, we aim to help reduce that number.


Kids need to have fun… they are kids! Even though we cover some serious issues we want every child who comes through our classes to have an awesome experience, to feel stronger, to feel faster and to leave with new friends.

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Timetable current as at 16/07/2018. For weekly and last-minute timetable updates, please check our Facebook page.