If you have any questions about pricing or to ask about your first class discount, feel free to contact us.

First timers

We have some special deals for people new to AAPES. Join us in a “First Timers” class (in yellow on our timetable) and get shown the ropes for $25, or your first time in any other class is just $10.

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Casual rates

Casual classes: $30
Open sessions: $15

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  • Via Direct Debit
  • No contracts
  • No joining fees
  • Pause or hold at any time

Fresh Jump Package

$50 per fortnight (Valued at $90 – save 45%)
1 class ($30pw) + 1 open session ($15pw) per week

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Fight and Flight Package

$60 per fortnight (Valued at $180 – save 65%)
Up to 2 classes ($60pw) + 2 open sessions ($30pw) per week

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Unimaginative Name Package

$80 per fortnight (Valued at $270 – save 70%)
Up to 3 classes ($90pw) + 3 open sessions ($45pw) per week

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Unstoppable Package

$155 per fortnight (Valued at up to $1020 – save 85%)
Unlimited classes (up to $360pw) + unlimited open sessions (up to $150pw)

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Timetable current as at 16/07/2018. For weekly and last-minute timetable updates, please check our Facebook page.