Adults Parkour

Parkour is freedom. It is forgetting your troubles. It is facing your fears, overcoming them and forgetting they ever existed in the first place. It is the art of motion.

Parkour is one of the most dynamic, strengthening and visually stunning activities a person can do… and anyone can do it. It uses every muscle in the body, quickly developing a lean, muscular physique and a body and mind that can overcome physical and mental obstacles.

AAPES classes will show you just how easy it is to run, climb, jump and vault; to traverse any rooftop and move like you never thought possible. They will teach you the parkour philosophy of altruism and useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding.

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Kids Parkour

Parkour offers kids of all ages physical and mental confidence, an opportunity for self discovery and body awareness, and an understanding of the outer limits of their bodies and minds.

At AAPES we teach the vaults, jumps and drops kids see on the Internet and movies in perfect safety. Full crash mats and padded floors ensure that kids can develop the skills they want without you worrying about any danger.

Parkour develops focus. Kids learn about precision, careful thought and weighing up the outcomes of any decision in advance, bringing immediate positive changes in behaviour.

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Timetable current as at 16/07/2018. For weekly and last-minute timetable updates, please check our Facebook page.