Both adult and child classes are available for practitioners of every level from “I’ve never jumped in my life” to “Call me David Belle”.

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Self Defence

AAPES Self Defence classes aren’t interested in ego, muscles or rank. Classes are about learning how to make you as safe as possible in the environments you move in. Using the S.P.E.A.R. system and associated concepts, you will learn to negotiate, run, deal with muggers, murderers, rapists and your awful big brother. Available to both adults and kids.

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Lose weight, get strong, get fast, move better, be pain free, run all day and dance all night whatever the goal if its fitness related bodywork will have a workout for you. Be an AAPES bodywork grease monkey in our Strength and Conditioning classes!

​The Australian Academy of Parkour, Exercise and Self Defence is a space for developing and growing communities. Whether entry level or an experienced trainer, AAPES is designed to provide Parkour, Self Defence and Fitness classes to people wanting to break into the scene and a space for more experienced traceurs, fighters and exercise freaks to work on their own things, develop their skills their own way and get better at what they love.

AAPES is Sydney’s premiere indoor facility for Parkour, and Sydney’s only dedicated facility for Tony Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R system of self defence. We are home to some of the toughest and most fun strength, conditioning, fitness and traditional martial arts classes found in NSW. We do it all and we do it so that you will become the best that you can be, following the Blauer tactical system maxim “show others what they can do, not what you can do”. Whether you want pure Self Defence, to pursue a fight career, to become a Parkour traceur, or get a stronger, more toned body we can help you reach your goals and we can make it fun, safe and rewarding.

APPES also provides Open Sessions – the teacher is out and it’s time for free play! Open sessions are for you to practice whatever you want from vaults, flips, wall runs and strides to sparring, full contact fighting to tricking, acrobatics or just a workout open sessions are here for you to have fun and do what you want! More info about Open Sessions.

Have an idea for an event or class? AAPES is for the community – if you want to jam, train, BBQ, compete or… well anything really… AAPES will do its best to accommodate you and your idea! For more info, Contact Us.


Timetable current as at 16/07/2018. For weekly and last-minute timetable updates, please check our Facebook page.