Parkour, Self Defence & Fitness Classes in Tempe & Chullora


Learn Parkour. Learn Self Defence. Get Fit

Located close to the CBD in Tempe, as well as close to Bankstown in Chullora, AAPES is Australia’s only dedicated self defence, parkour, and strength and fitness provider. Parkour classes and corporate workshops are taken by professional and experienced instructors, some of Australia’s top traceurs. We provide realistic and effective self defence workshops to NSW high schools and primary schools, community centres, at-risk individuals and staff, and corporate clients. Custom corporate workshops and school workshops are available, tailored to your needs.

Parkour is one of the fastest growing and most visually impressive activities on the planet. Coupled with self defence training, it creates the perfect fusion of physical training, fear management, and a vast physical skill set.

Empower yourself — you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

“The instructors’ extensive knowledge in training methods has given me back the confidence and motivation to work towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle … I would recommend them to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.”

Cho Zhou